Jot Notes is a very special note taking app. It jot down note and calculates sum automatically. Better still, it also synchronizes with Dropbox automatically. Jot Notes makes everything easy.

Get It Now! For iPhone and iPad.

Calculates Inline

Write notes together with calculation, Jot Notes solves it automatically. Just enter the numbers into the note and tap on equal. Immediate result.

Furthermore, it memorizes last calculation result. Use Memory Recall (Mr) button to recall the memory and continue to calculate faster.

Automatic Sync

Jot Notes synchronizes with Dropbox automatically. Setup up your Dropbox account, link it to Jot Notes.

Everything will be automatically updated now onwards. It synchronizes folders in Dropbox too. Everything get synchronized immediately.

Automatic sync is only available for devices supporting iOS multitasking (iPhone 3GS, iPhone4 and iPad) and running iOS 4.0 or above.

Search Everything

Jot Notes has great search functions built-in. It highlights your search results. Bright and clear.

Search can be filtered by folder or general search for all notes. Immediate result.

Search highlight is supported by iPhone only for Jot Notes version 1.0.1 and above. iPad support will be included in next release.

More Features

  • Lock Mode to prevent accidental editing, detects phone number and URL in lock mode.
  • Multiple customs fonts installed, e.g. Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, Anonymous Pro and many others.
  • Info button shows word count and other useful information.
  • Easy to email notes as file or as content in email.
  • TextExpander support.
  • Full screen mode (iPhone Only).
  • Support folders and moves file between folders.
  • Universal app support both iPhone and iPad


We look forward to hear from you on your thoughts and features which are good for the app. If you need help, please email us using the email support built-in the app. We will response back to you quickly.